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Bipartisan Student Loan Bankruptcy Bill Introduced

The Fresh Start Through Bankruptcy Act would change the bankruptcy code to make it easier to discharge student loans under certain conditions. Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and John Cornyn (R-TX) are the bill’s sponsors (R-TX). Undue Hardship While it is not impossible to discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy under existing law, it can be extremely difficult. To do so, most borrowers must demonstrate “undue hardship,” which is a difficult

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Things You Need to Know Before Declaring Bankruptcy

Various financial problems cause bankruptcy. It could be caused by a sudden death of a sole provider, a severe medical emergency, an unforeseen loss of income source, or it could be because of the pandemic. Sometimes it’s the amalgamation of multiple factors. Declaring bankruptcy is not easy, but it can also be your only way out. If you consider declaring bankruptcy, we discuss here the ten things you need to

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What Are the Different Types of Bankruptcy Classifications?

Declaring bankruptcy is the last straw many debtors and business owners use to seek debt relief. Debtors can utilize bankruptcy as a tool to default on their debt and seek alternative ways to settle them with their creditors. Claiming bankruptcy is a double-edged sword. Although you may find relief from your debt, you may also suffer long-term consequences because of your bad credit record. Managing your personal finance is still

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How to Find a Great Chapter 7 Attorney

Debt is an inevitable part of making big purchases. Most financial experts even advise people to seek loan assistance when making a significant purchase. If managed, you are eventually cleared of this debt. Unfortunately, this is not the scenario for every debtor. Some people might face financial hurdles leading to their bankruptcy. Most people interpret bankruptcy as the lack of financial assets. However, bankruptcy means that an individual’s loan exceeds

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What Does a Chapter 13 Attorney Do?

Bankruptcy is an unfortunate reality of modern life, but we have to deal with the process when it becomes necessary. Many people are unfamiliar with how Chapter 13 bankruptcy works or what a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer does. If you are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy to take control of your finances, please keep reading. This blog post will discuss what you should know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, what to expect from your

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Can SBA Loans Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Building a small business comes with huge risks and investments. Often, financial resources are insufficient to support a business. This challenge will prompt you to seek assistance or loans to keep your business running. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well. You may find yourself asking “can SBA loans be discharged in bankruptcy?” Understanding the specific information related to loans and loan removal is crucial if this is your case. This

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Bankruptcy Attorney

How To Select A Bankruptcy Attorney

While bankruptcy filings might seem simple to those on the outside, any experienced bankruptcy attorney can tell you that there is much more to it than just filling out forms. The first key element is reviewing your entire financial situation and determining whether or not you should file for bankruptcy. And if yes, when the most advantageous time to do so is. Then, you must complete all of the paperwork

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Myths About Personal Bankruptcy

6 Myths About Personal Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

When you have found yourself in a financial dilemma and are faced with bankruptcy and foreclosure, you may be thinking this is the worst thing to ever happen to you. You need to remember not to listen to all the myths about personal bankruptcy and focus on the facts. People from all walks of life get in over their heads sometimes and need a financial reset. If you are facing

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Types Of Debt

Types Of Debt Covered By Bankruptcy Protection

When you file for bankruptcy, you might assume that bankruptcy protection will discharge all of your debts. However, this is not the case for all as bankruptcy cannot completely discharge some debts because they do not qualify. In general, bankruptcy is a complex process. And, while you may think you can get through it on your own, you should enlist the help of a bankruptcy attorney who can guide you

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Steps For Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Do you feel like your debts have gotten out of control and you no longer believe that you will be able to manage them? Are you considering filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, but don’t know where to start? The very first thing you should do is reach out to an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can analyze your finances and guide you through your options. The bankruptcy code is quite complex. Moreover,

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Bankruptcy Chapters

How Do You Know Which Bankruptcy Chapters You’re Eligible For?

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Will Help You Choose the Right One Among Several Bankruptcy Chapters When you are having financial difficulties, it can seem like there is no way out from under your debt. The good news is you do have options. You might be able to rearrange some finances, set up payment plans, and if it makes sense, there are several different kinds of bankruptcy you could file. Bankruptcy is

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