Month: October 2012

Chapter 7 Lien Stripping Approved by Broward, Dade, and (now) Palm Beach County Judges

Written By: Emil Fleysher | October 15, 2012 | Bankruptcy
Attorney Emil Fleysher recently obtained one of the first Chapter 7 Lien Strip Orders in Palm Beach County. Chapter 7 Lien Strip Orders: What Happened? Following the watershed case of in re: McNeal, in which the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that fully unsecured 2nd mortgages, Home Equity Loan Liens, and other junior mortgages
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Florida Court Says Foreclosure Law Firms Can't Charge for Serving "Unknowns"

Written By: Emil Fleysher | October 3, 2012 | Foreclosure
A foreclosure law firm violated state law. They did this by charging homeowners for summonses served on “John and Jane Doe”. And, other unknown parties who may have claims on the property. In fact, it is common practice for a law firm to serve foreclosure paperwork on homeowners; as well as separate summonses for “unknown
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Miami Home Prices Are Up 11.3% in 2012

Written By: Emil Fleysher | | Foreclosure
Home prices in the Miami area rose 11.3 percent in August from a year earlier; beating a national average gain of 4.6 percent. Excluding distressed sales, home prices in the Greater Miami area, including Miami, Miami Beach, and Kendall, rose 9.9 percent in August from a year earlier. Miami area prices went up 0.1 percent
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