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Some Helpful Tips in Preparing for Bankruptcy

In today’s economy, often times people are forced to choose between paying their bills or buying groceries. When they eventually decide they can no longer continue this way, bankruptcy can offer a fresh financial start. Whether your decision to file bankruptcy stems from a financial disaster or simply not having enough income to cover your expenses, retaining an experienced bankruptcy attorney will ensure you are successful in obtaining financial relief.

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Foreclosure Defense Attorney article on recent Florida Bank Foreclosure Case

Florida Justices Side with Bank in Foreclosure Fraud Case

The case, Roman Pino v. The Bank of New York, was the first significant foreclosure case to be heard by the high court in Florida since the housing collapse. Odder still is that the case was heard after Pino had already settled with the bank in a deal that allowed him to keep his house. Pino’s attorney had challenged a document created by the former Law Offices of David J.

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Bankruptcy Issues to Avoid Homestead Child Support IRS Taxes

Lookout for Common Bankruptcy Pitfalls!

Bankruptcy is a legal process that helps us eliminate our debts and start a fresh financial life. Bankruptcy is designed for you to declare your inability to repay your debts even with the help of other debt relief or debt settlement options. The bankruptcy laws enable you to take the required steps to discharge your debts and help you start a new financial life. However, the slightest misstep in your

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Discharge Tax IRS Taxes in Bankruptcy with Bankruptcy Attorney

Can IRS Tax Debts be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

A question that often arises is whether IRS tax debt can be discharged in Bankruptcy. The answer is often surprising to the person asking the question. That answer is “Yes,” under certain circumstances, certain tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy. Income taxes, both federal and state, over 3 years old can be discharged in bankruptcy if the returns have been filed by the debtor at least 2 years before

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