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Florida “Zombie” Foreclosures Are The Highest Throughout The Nation

Throughout the U.S., Florida has the highest number of “zombie” foreclosures. “Zombie” foreclosure is a term used for properties that are under foreclosure but have been abandoned. There are only 36,000 pending “zombie” foreclosures, which is a 35 percent decline from this time last year. However, other states such as California, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are also experiencing a high number of

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Clerical Error Costs Bank Foreclosure Case

A clerical error cost Bank of America a four year foreclosure case when it should have been something clear-cut. In 2009 the plaintiff was granted a final judgment against the defendant Heather Epstein, who moved out of the property the following year, and Bank of America took over the property with a new certificate of title. However, problems soon arose when the mortgage and all subsequent documents had an incorrect

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