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South Florida Had An Increase Of Foreclosure Activity In March

According to a study by RelatyTrac March had an increase of foreclosure activity, reversing months of declines. February had 4,577 filings in the tri-county area but during March the foreclosure filings went up to 6,329 for the tri-county area. The filing counts as a repossession, a judgment, or a new foreclosure lawsuit. Broward County was at the top of the tri-county area with 3,169 foreclosure filings during March. This is

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Personal Bankruptcy Petitions Drop in March

Personal bankruptcy filings have dropped 16 percent between February and March throughout South Florida. This is according to the Sun Sentinel with data that was released in Miami by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. There were 2,389 new bankruptcy petitions filed by South Florida residents in February but only 2,008 files in March. Personal bankruptcies have lowered by 32 percent, dropping from the 2,969 filed in March 2010. This drop shows

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