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Civil Procedure – Orders of Dismissal contrasted with Final Judgments and Decrees

In this Third District Court of Appeals case, the bank’s foreclosure lawsuit against the borrower was set for trial. The bank never received notice of the trial, so the bank’s foreclosure action was dismissed by order of the court when the bank did not appear for the trial.  More than two years later, the bank filed a motion to set aside the court’s dismissal of its foreclosure lawsuit, which was

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Is a Short Sale right for you?

Many South Florida borrowers are faced with a tough decision after defaulting on their mortgage loan… Is a Short Sale the right thing for us to do right now? The answer is actually not as complicated as you may think. Simply put, if you are ready to leave the property within 3-6 months and you require a little financial help in making the transition to your new home, then the

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