No Shame in Filing for Bankruptcy

Written By: Emil FleysherAugust 26, 2014,

There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy.

From a young age, people are persuaded by means of seductive language and/or highly skilled advertising techniques to purchase products and services deemed essential for their lives; even if those products or services are out of their financial reach. Many of our leaders have told us that it is our patriotic duty to spend. And, you need look no further than former President George W. Bush urging the American people to spend after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

If you don’t have the means to buy, that has never been a problem. That is because credit card companies spend a great deal of money sending constant solicitations of pre-approved credit cards that were never even requested. The credit card companies mostly target people with bad credit ratings and college students. Individuals with bad credit are desperate. So, they will consent to ridiculous interest rates thus increasing their profits. Additionally, college students are backed by their caregivers if they happen to default on their payments. These pre-approved credit cards have made it so simple to live beyond our means.

At a time when governments are providing billion-dollar bailouts for banks that have mismanaged their finances, should you really feel ashamed about asking for a second chance with bankruptcy? Bankruptcy isn't based upon punishment or retaliation but rather on forgiveness. Bankruptcy can help free up some income that could provide more resources for your children or loved ones; including reducing the suicide and homeless rates.

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If you find yourself under a mass of debt because of a job loss, medical expenses, or simply hugely indebted, bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. And, it can give you the proper tools to make wiser choices in the future. Remember, there is no shame in filing for bankruptcy.

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