What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

Written By: Emil FleysherFebruary 11, 2022

A bankruptcy lawyer has the primary goal of protecting your interests and finances. They will work diligently to help you get the best outcome and the fresh start you deserve. Their job is to protect your assets as much as they can and to do so, your bankruptcy lawyer will need to have a complete financial picture. This means you will need to be completely honest about what your finances look like and how much debt you actually have, no matter how embarrassed you may feel. Many debtors will be inclined to file for bankruptcy on their own. While you have every right to do so, you will get a better result if you enlist the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. 

What to Expect When Meeting With a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is a legal process. With that in mind, you should note that if you try to file for bankruptcy by yourself, you will need to navigate these legal processes. It is better to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney that already knows how to navigate these waters. 

You can typically expect to start with an initial free consultation to discuss your case. Next, your bankruptcy lawyer will advise you on which kind of bankruptcy you should file. They will analyze your finances and debts and tell you whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best route for you. They also might find other alternatives. The next step is completing the paperwork and filing for bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy lawyer will be able to let you know exactly what you should and should not do during this time. It is crucial not to make any missteps that could cause your bankruptcy case to be denied. The last essential part of a bankruptcy case is your lawyer going to court and getting the debts discharged or negotiating a payment plan.   

How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help?

A bankruptcy lawyer can help in various ways aside from just filing paperwork for bankruptcy. They can also:

  • Establish a debt workout agreement
  • Preserve assets
  • Reduce future negative outcomes
  • Avoid mistakes and pitfalls
  • Talk to your creditors for you
  • Navigate foreclosure
  • Explain other options outside of filing for bankruptcy
  • Ensure you are paying the correct fees
  • Explain how bankruptcy court works 
  • Discuss home-buying options after bankruptcy

Ultimately a bankruptcy lawyer is here to protect your interests and pursue any legal options you have to do so. They are your advocate and will work hard to get you back on your feet.

When to Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

You might be apprehensive about hiring an attorney, but here are a few signs that indicate it may be time to do so:

  • You’re constantly paying overdraft fees.
  • You are only making minimum monthly payments on overdue bills.
  • All of your credit cards are maxed out, and they do not seem to shrink no matter how hard you try.
  • You are using credit cards to pay for everyday expenses like rent or utilities.
  • You are being sued for unpaid debts.
  • Your finances have been affected by a life change such as divorce, job loss, or a medical condition.
  • You have collection agencies calling you at all times.
  • You do not qualify for debt-relief programs.

Certainly, you should discuss these situations with your attorney. Another sign is if you have been unable to resolve your debts or will be unable to within five years. This will make bankruptcy a viable option with the help of an attorney. 

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When you feel it is time to file for bankruptcy, you need to meet with an attorney and get a clear picture of your options. It is crucial to pick the right attorney to always be protected. The Law Offices of Emil Fleysher, P.A. has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the bankruptcy process and make sure you get the best outcome possible. This can be a stressful process and we are here to help. Contact us online or call us at 888-886-0020 for a free consultation today.

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