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How To Make a Last Will and Testament

You know that your last will and testament is an important document. But do you know how to draft one? If you are considering drafting a last will and testament on your own or are planning to get one drafted by a lawyer, this blog post is for you. Know everything you need to learn about will writing and making it legally valid. We will take you on a step-by-step

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How to Reinstate a Car Loan After Repossession?

Losing your car is heartbreaking, stressful, and expensive. Even worse, you still have to pay for your car loan. It must be challenging to lose your job or income after repossession. Fortunately, there’s a solution! You may be eligible for reinstatement of your car loan. It will reduce the number of bills you owe and make it easier to meet your car finance commitments. To find out more about reinstating

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How to Find a Great Chapter 7 Attorney

Debt is an inevitable part of making big purchases. Most financial experts even advise people to seek loan assistance when making a significant purchase. If managed, you are eventually cleared of this debt. Unfortunately, this is not the scenario for every debtor. Some people might face financial hurdles leading to their bankruptcy. Most people interpret bankruptcy as the lack of financial assets. However, bankruptcy means that an individual’s loan exceeds

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What Does a Chapter 13 Attorney Do?

Bankruptcy is an unfortunate reality of modern life, but we have to deal with the process when it becomes necessary. Many people are unfamiliar with how Chapter 13 bankruptcy works or what a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer does. If you are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy to take control of your finances, please keep reading. This blog post will discuss what you should know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, what to expect from your

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Short Sale

Is a Short Sale right for you?

Many South Florida borrowers face a tough decision after defaulting on their mortgage loan… Is a Short Sale the right thing for us to do right now? The answer is actually not as complicated as you may think. How to Know if it is the Right Decision? Simply put, if you are ready to leave the property within 3-6 months and you require a little financial help in making the

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