How To Rebuild Your Credit After A Foreclosure

Written By: Emil FleysherFebruary 11, 2022

Your home is where you spend most of your time and the last thing that you would ever imagine is facing a foreclosure on it. However, the lender can take ownership of your home through a foreclosure if you do not make your mortgage payments. Not only will you lose your home, but it will also have a heavy impact on your credit. It can be very difficult to recover without the help of a foreclosure attorney by your side. A foreclosure attorney can guide you through the foreclosure process and help you get back on your financial feet once it is complete. Here are some tips for rebuilding your credit after a foreclosure.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

The key to not going into foreclosure in the first place is to stay on top of your bills and stay within a clearly defined budget. Unfortunately, sometimes we make unwise decisions that can be impossible to recover from and lead to foreclosure. Once it is all said and done, the best thing to do is adjust your relationship with money and never let it happen again. You should sit down and look at your finances realistically. Then, you should create a budget that you can stick to without falling into debt. Now that you have a realistic look at your finances, you will need to stick to that budget and not slip up, as this can harm your credit in the long term. 

Pay Your Bills on Time

One of the most significant impacts on your credit score is your payment history. You need to prioritize making payments on time, especially on things that can affect your daily living or credit. These can be things like utilities, car loans, and credit cards. If you have a hard time keeping up with bills, create reminders or try autopay features. Discuss a plan of action for paying your bills with your foreclosure attorney

Look at Your Credit Utilization

When you are rebuilding your credit, you should monitor your credit utilization. This measure keeps track of your credit card debt and your total credit limit. It should stay under 30%, and if it is higher than that, you can see a negative impact on your credit score. A foreclosure attorney will suggest that you do not keep any credit balances and stay on top of payments when opening new accounts. 

Get a Secured Credit Card

Another tip that a foreclosure attorney would advise for rebuilding your credit after a foreclosure is to start with a secured credit card. It can be challenging to get approved for a traditional credit card with a low credit score. This is where a secured credit card comes in; these credit cards require a deposit and will have a spending limit. It will impact your credit score, so make sure that you are making payments on time. 

Have Some Patience While Rebuilding Your Credit

Your credit is one of the most important things you need to monitor for your financial health. Rebuilding your credit score after a foreclosure can be difficult, especially without the guidance of a foreclosure attorney. This process takes time and you will need to have patience. But it is possible to improve your credit and get you back on track.

How The Law Offices Of Emil Fleysher Can Help With Rebuilding Your Credit

When you are all out of options or are trying to avoid foreclosure, you should consult with a foreclosure attorney that has the knowledge and experience handling cases like yours. You may have tried credit counseling or doing things on your own to no avail. It is time to leave it to the professionals at The Law Offices of Emil Fleysher, P.A. Contact us online or call us at 888-886-0020 for a consultation today.

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