Housing Boost for Broward County

Written By: Emil FleysherSeptember 30, 2014, ,

Home sales have continued to rise in the past couple of months nationwide. In Broward County, it is no different. Those who are attempting to sell their properties are finding that there are a lot more self-assured buyers with the now steading housing market. Therefore, the interdependence between buyers and sellers will unravel the economical housing options in Broward County.

In fact, close to 94 percent of single-family homes put up for sale received their asking price in July 2014; assuring that the buyers believe that the prices of their new properties will at the very least hold their value. The number of days that a property stays on the market also had an effect on the housing market itself. Luckily, the average property is on the market has been about a month, or 37 days to be more exact. This is a sign that the market is in a healthy place. And, it should encourage current homeowners to put their property up for sale and for buyers to purchase.

Americans have demanded that more sensible and safer mortgages be provided to steer away from the financial catastrophe that we all experience a few years ago. Because of those demands, we are now seeing the continuous rise of properties being sold. And, the prices are maintaining themselves as well. Homes that were under distressing situations, such as foreclosures, only make up about 9 percent of the homes sold through the country. While a year ago, they were made up of about 15 percent.

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