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How Long Before You Can Get a Mortgage Loan Again?

As a Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney, I am frequently asked how long after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Short Sale a mortgage loan can be obtained. While everyone’s situation is different, the following table is a good overview…

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy orChapter 11 Bankruptcy 4 Years
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 2 Years from discharge4 Years from dismissal date
Multiple Bankruptcy Filings 5 Years if more than 1 filing within the past 7 years
Foreclosure 3 – 7 yearsDepending on extenuating circumstances which would require additional documentation
Deed-in-Lieu of ForeclosurePre-Foreclosure Sale

Short Sale

2 years- 80% max LTV ratios4 years- 90% max LTV ratios

3 years from completion date

Greater LTV’s can require up to 7 years


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