Chapter 7 Lawyer

For people who have been contemplating filing for bankruptcy, one of the most beneficial proceedings to file would be the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceeding. The goal of filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to give yourself a fresh financial start by eliminating your debt that is no longer affordable. People who file for Chapter 7 will be able to discharge most unsecured debts such as credit card debt and medical bills. If you have been thinking about pursuing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or any kind of bankruptcy, reach out to an experienced Chapter 7 lawyer for a free consultation to help you decide the best bankruptcy filing.

Benefits of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are many benefits to filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Probably one of the most impactful benefits is freedom from personal liability. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a process that discharges certain debts for individuals and frees them from being held liable for those debts. The method also allows individuals to keep future assets and properties.

Any property that an individual acquires after filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, like proceeds from a life insurance policy or inherited properties, will not be included in the bankruptcy estate. For information on other benefits associated with the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process, contact a Chapter 7 lawyer.

The Necessity of a Chapter 7 Lawyer

If you want to begin the bankruptcy process without the aid of a Chapter 7 lawyer, you are more than welcome to do so. However, you are setting yourself up to pay additional costs and spend extra time trying to navigate the bankruptcy process instead of relying on a Chapter 7 lawyer already familiar with everything. A seasoned Chapter 7 lawyer has the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist you in every step of the bankruptcy process and get you the best possible outcome.

Planning for Bankruptcy

If you are contemplating whether bankruptcy is the most beneficial option for you, an experienced Chapter 7 lawyer can give you an overview of the proceeding, evaluate your situation, and possibly introduce you to alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. If you decide to proceed with filing a bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 lawyer can help you decide the best type of bankruptcy filing is most beneficial to you and your finances. The attorney can help explain how a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can serve your financial goals or if another bankruptcy process would better suit your financial needs.

Preparing for Bankruptcy

When it comes to preparing for the bankruptcy process accurately, a Chapter 7 lawyer can assist you in completing all the necessary actions and collecting the essential information. An experienced Chapter 7 lawyer will be able to perform a means test to determine whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. They can also help you evaluate the various types of property you have acquired to determine if there’s a way to save them. Furthermore, a Chapter 7 lawyer can use their knowledge of the state’s exemption system to protect as much of your assets as possible. A Chapter 7 lawyer can also assist you in determining what types of debts will be eliminated and which might survive the bankruptcy case.

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