Foreclosure in Palm Beach County are Continuing to Decrease

Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County has a small increase in new foreclosure cases in September; however, they were still lower than in September of last year. This is all according to the Clerk & Comptroller’s latest statistics in Palm Beach County. In September, 484 new foreclosure cases were filed. 480 cases were filed in August providing a 0.83 percent increase. But, there was an 11.5 percent decrease in comparison from the 547 new cases that were filed in September 2013.

September to September Data

From September of last year to September of this year, recorded deeds increased. However, the number of mortgages and deeds from August to September of this year decreased. In August there were 6,083 deeds recorded. And, in September 2014 5,804 deeds were recorded which was a 4.6 percent decrease; however it was a 3.4 percent increase from September of last year which only recorded 5,614 deeds. During September 2013 there were 3,379 mortgages recorded. In September 2014, there were only 3,036 mortgages recorded giving us a 10.2 percent decrease; however, in August there were 3,204 mortgages recorded, which is a 5.2 percent decrease from August to September.

According to Grant Street Group, the developers of ClerkAuction, 782 properties were sold in September at auction. And, the plaintiff who is usually the bank or mortgage company purchased 631 of those. Third parties purchased the remaining 151. 1,268 properties were scheduled for foreclosure sale but 486 of those were canceled in September. The cancellation rate was the same as it was in August at 38.3 percent. From motions to judgments to certificates of title the Clerk & Comptroller’s office facilitates all documents that are foreclosure-related.

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