Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy Relief
If your debts are less than your annual salary but still too high to pay, my office can help negotiate a debt settlement. Bankruptcy attorneys generally enjoy a greater degree of leverage in dealing with collection companies and creditors because your creditors know that they can either accept the terms and amount that our client is willing to pay, or they can get nothing if our client decides to file for Bankruptcy. This advantage is one of the many reasons you should consider hiring an attorney that practices bankruptcy law to represent you in negotiating a settlement with your creditors. Generally, we are able to negotiate a 30% – 80% reduction in the debt, and arrange for payment terms of up to 6 months.
The types of debts we can help you settle include Credit Card Debts, Medical Bills, Unsecured Personal Loans, 2nd Mortgages/Home Equity Lines of Credit, Auto Repossession Deficiency Judgments, Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments, Delinquent Taxes, and Debts with Collection Agencies.

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