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Bank of America’s $17 Billion Settlement.

Officials intimately close to the case have stated that Bank of America has come to a record breaking $17 Billion settlement to conclude the investigation in the role of selling the mortgage-backed securities prior to the 2008 financial fiasco. An official, who requested to stay anonymous, stated that Bank of America will come forward with $7 billion in consumer relief and $10 billion in cash. In the last yet Citigroup

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Do’s and Don’ts of Bankruptcy

DO: Be honest about all of your assets. Even if you think there is a chance that you might lose it, there are probably other ways in which your attorney can prevent that or you may need to come to terms with that possibility. If you don’t list it and the court finds out, it will be taken or the case will be dismissed for fraudulent activity. DON’T: Transferring property

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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy comes from the 7th chapter of the bankruptcy code. It is also known as the “liquidation” bankruptcy because the Trustee has to liquidate, or sell, all nonexempt property in order to repay your creditors. The majority of individuals who file for Chapter 7 get the keep their property, however there are some states that are more charitable than others. The process normally takes about 3 months

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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If your debts are getting out of your control but your income is still more than the median of the state and you have been living in the same state for the past two years, you can still file for bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy was put in place for those who still have some “disposable” income after paying all their expenses and/or for those who’d like to keep the

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No Shame in Filing for Bankruptcy

From a young age people are persuaded by means of seductive language and/or highly skilled advertising techniques to purchase products and services deemed essential for their lives, even if those products or services are out of their financial reach. Many of our leaders have told us that it is our patriotic duty to spend, and you need look no further than former President George W. Bush urging the American people

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FHA Mortgage Applicants with Recent Foreclosures Offered a Pass

The Federal Housing Administration has instituted a new program called “Back-To-Work-Extenuating Circumstances” to assist potential borrowers who faced financial hardship during the recession. This program, which began August 15th, 2013 provides a second chance for mortgage applicants who have experienced financial hardship such as unemployment or a severe reduction in income beyond the borrower’s control. This program is designed to assist borrowers with a recent history of foreclosure, judgment, short

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Former Miami Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper Surrenders Florida House in Foreclosure

Daunte Culpepper’s 2006 signing with the Miami Dolphins was so disastrous that the repercussions are still being felt. In a foreclosure case, the former NFL quarterback has lost a home he bought for about $3.6 million back when he was traded to the Dolphins. He surrendered the nearly 10,000-square-foot home to SunTrust Bank back in April in lieu of foreclosure, Broward County court records show, and the bank dropped its

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Question regarding inherited IRA account exemption in bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Letter Question from a Visitor

Q: What does a “Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, & Deadlines” letter mean? The letter says I may be a creditor of the debtor and may need legal advice. Can someone explain this to me? Might be because the debtor owes me child support. Not sure what I need to do here. A: This notice means that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has been filed and you

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Question regarding inherited IRA account exemption in bankruptcy

Hospital Collections Question from a Visitor

Q: My wife and I received a summons concerning a hospital debt of $722.00 started by a collection agency.What can we do? A: What you can do is contact the agency or agency’s attorney and see if they are willing to settle the debt for less than what you owe. Without knowing your full situation, this is probably your best option. However, if you have other debts, you can consider

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Can the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing Fee be waived? Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

Collections Question from a Visitor…

Q: Debt was sold by Chase ($7,092.00) to Midland Funding. They are trying to collect and I have not paid since 2009, when i lost my job. My husband is on Social Security and I am still not working. Our house is in Foreclosure. What should i do? A: You have some options to help resolve your issue. One option is to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Provided you qualify, the

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