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Borrowers Are Discovering That Their Foreclosed Homes Are Coming Back To Haunt Them — Long After They Have Moved Out

Your home has been in foreclosure, possibly for years, and the bank has finally set a sale date so you move out. You and your family are starting over in a new home and you no longer think of your old home that the bank sold. That is, until years later when a debt collector calls to tell you that you owe thousands in new debt from the home. That

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Some Helpful Tips in Preparing for Bankruptcy

In today’s economy, often times people are forced to choose between paying their bills or buying groceries. When they eventually decide they can no longer continue this way, bankruptcy can offer a fresh financial start. Whether your decision to file bankruptcy stems from a financial disaster or simply not having enough income to cover your expenses, retaining an experienced bankruptcy attorney will ensure you are successful in obtaining financial relief.

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Bankruptcy Issues to Avoid Homestead Child Support IRS Taxes

Lookout for Common Bankruptcy Pitfalls!

Bankruptcy is a legal process that helps us eliminate our debts and start a fresh financial life. Bankruptcy is designed for you to declare your inability to repay your debts even with the help of other debt relief or debt settlement options. The bankruptcy laws enable you to take the required steps to discharge your debts and help you start a new financial life. However, the slightest misstep in your

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Discharge Tax IRS Taxes in Bankruptcy with Bankruptcy Attorney

Can IRS Tax Debts be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

A question that often arises is whether IRS tax debt can be discharged in Bankruptcy. The answer is often surprising to the person asking the question. That answer is “Yes,” under certain circumstances, certain tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy. Income taxes, both federal and state, over 3 years old can be discharged in bankruptcy if the returns have been filed by the debtor at least 2 years before

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Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek Loan Modification Attorney and Loan Modification Lawyer

Federal Government Announcing New Mortgage Lending Rules

In an effort to stabilize the future of our housing market, the government is announcing new mortgage lending guidelines. Although the new rules may decrease the number of loans made overall, they are necessary for this country to maintain a stable housing market. According to the Chicago Tribune, “For most borrowers, the rules will mean no more interest-only mortgages, no more loans where the principal due increases over time, no

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The End of Mortgage Debt Relief Law could Hurt Home Prices

If President Obama and Congress fail to come to an agreement about how to resolve the fiscal cliff, the proposed tax hikes and reduced government spending will cause Floridians a whole host of new troubles. First, without action from Congress the Bush tax cuts will expire on January 1st. The result of this is that income taxes reset to levels last seen during the Clinton administration. President Obama wants the

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South Florida Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement Attorney

Debt Settlement “Programs” are Often Scams

Many Americans today are faced with large amounts of debt. Because of this, many debt settlement companies have popped up promising consumers ways to get out of their debt in a relatively short amount of time and for less money than they actually owe. However, despite all their TV and radio advertisements, the industry admits that the debt settlement schemes fail to work for about 2/3’s of clients. According to

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How Long Before You Can Get a Mortgage Loan Again?

As a Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney, I am frequently asked how long after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Short Sale a mortgage loan can be obtained. While everyone’s situation is different, the following table is a good overview… Chapter 7 Bankruptcy orChapter 11 Bankruptcy 4 Years Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 2 Years from discharge4 Years from dismissal date Multiple Bankruptcy Filings 5 Years if more than 1 filing within the past 7 years

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underwater home underwater house bankruptcy foreclosure loan modification short sale attorney mortgage

Options for Florida Homeowners with Homes that are “Underwater”

What are your Options if your House is Underwater? More and more Floridians are coming to the unsettling realization that their homes are now worth less than they owe on their mortgage(s). This unfortunate scenario is commonly referred to as your house being “underwater.” One of the most common questions that clients ask is “What are my options if my house in underwater?” Generally, the answer is that you have

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Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?

Presidents have been warning for decades of the dangers of this country’s debt and deficits. But the big question is why this time is different? Is this the year we finally start to get our nation’s finances in order? One argument is that with the current President and Congress, it does not seem likely. Either way, it is going to be a very challenging road. With the nature of Republicans

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